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Artist Statement: "I want to stand out with beautiful mid-tones in a world full of pop."

After 30+ years of drawing and painting, I am convinced that my voice is best expressed in the old saying: “Color gets all the credit while value does all the work”.

I try to create beautiful negative shapes in my paintings and entertain in those big shapes without a lot of bold color and hard edges. For me, how you apply the paint is as important as where you place it. I look to see the color in the light and dark. Good color relationships are important like good personal relationships.

Who has influenced me in my evolution from photography to painting?


*American artists in the collection of the Maier Museum of Art at
Randolph College (formerly Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in
Lynchburg, VA ) where I went to school and discovered that all the world’s great art is not just in Europe, including: Edward Hopper, George Bellows, Thomas Eakins, Mary Cassatt, Georgia Okeefe, Robert Henri, James Mc Neil Whistler and Childe Hassan.


*The Russian artists who graduated from the Surikov Institute in
Moscow, who helped me see and learn about art and painting in spite of the language barriers. Their plein air paintings have shown me how to render a painting from life and has helped the art world focus more attention on realism in painting.

*The Nimrod Hall Summer Art Program where I was encouraged to paint what was right there in front of me in beautiful Bath County, VA.

*My teacher for 20 years, Curney Nuffer, who is as talented a teacher as he is an artist and who introduced me to the wonderful world of Russian Realism paintings at the Lazare Gallery in Charles City, VA.

*Dawn Whitelaw whose experience and wisdom are as vast as her
talent and commitment to painting. A teacher without equal.

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