Workshop on Frames and Finishing

Using new raw wood or refinishing old wooden frames with Anne Decamps and Susan Dull
Sunday, March 27 from 1:00 to 3:30 in Lulubelle’s Café in
Project 1 Home Décor, Next to the Crossroads Art Center, 2016
Staples Mill Rd. (Near the intersection with West Broad Street).
Cost: $85.00 including your custom made frame, 6-8 sample
boards to experiment on, all supplies and handouts about the
materials and process. Payable by check, Zelle, PayPal or
Venmo to Susan Dull.
You pick your take home frame size – either 11x14 or 12x16-
when you register by email or text with Susan Dull,

804-914-9791 or

“Unfinished Business” - a workshop to teach you how to work on sample
boards of pine and finish them so that they complement your paintings.
You will learn how to take a custom-made New Zealand yellow pine frame
(1.5 Inches wide and 3/4 inches deep) and finish it In many different ways
using a combination of any of these: metallic gold paint, lacquers, waxes
(clear, white, dark and black) and Annie Sloan fast drying chalk paint.

This process can also be used successfully totransform old frames.
During the workshop you will have 6-8 sample boards of the New Zealand
yellow pine to experiment on and find your favorite combination for finishing
a frame that looks good with your artwork, one take-home frame either
11x14 or 12x16 [you pick ahead of time the size} plus hand outs about the
paints and the whole process, Including all the products that you have
sampled on your boards. More supplies are available at in a booth in Project 1. Contact: or call 804-357-0899.

The frames are made here locally and range in price from $35 to $55 for
most sizes. There are no “pine holes” or blemishes. They all come with the
hardware needed for hanging as well as pre drilled starter holes in the back
to make it easier to put on the hardware. The holes provide for hanging
either vertically or horizontally. They can be made in any standard size or
custom sizes as well. You will have a frame In either size (11 by 14 or 12
by 16] at the workshop. It's Included in the price as well as the sample
boards and everything you need to experiment with finishes.
We will also provide: all materials you will need including brushes,
sponges, sandpaper, paint rags, paint sticks and pencils.
You bring: an apron and latex gloves and a grocery bag for trash.
After the workshop, you can visit the Annehuesdesigns shop just around
the corner in the same building if you would like to select your favorite
products to take home to work with on your new frame and any other frames.

Does wonders for old frames.
If you are interested in ordering more New Zealand yellow pine frames,
they come in four different styles, are locally made and available through
Susan Dull, or 804-914-9791 on display In
Crossroads Art Center. Takes only a few days to make them. The
proceeds from the sale of these frame go to a mission in Haiti.
Come and enjoy this Sunday afternoon workshop. If this date is not
convenient but you would like to take a workshop in the future, please let us know.